Actionable IDP development

An Individual Development Plan or IDP is not a tool to audit or assess the performance of an employee. It is primarily a helpful instrument used to help employees in the furtherance of their career path. This tool should be able to identify an employee’s future goals whether short or long term, help them achieve those via enabling them to perform better in their current roles and responsibilities.

Often, companies have Individual Development Plans but they are not really turned into developmental tools since they just end in the crafting of the plan but fails in the implementation. For an IDP to be effective it has to be actionable. For it to be actionable, it should start out with a clear discussion between employee and manager involving the employee’s strengths, opportunities for development, interests, aspirations, alongside with the company’s business needs. After this discussion is the crafting of a well-designed developmental plan which should be specific, realistic, time-bound, and measurable. A regular review of results should be done to check the effectiveness of the plan and to do necessary adjustments if the results are below expectations. To close the plan, the manger and employee should review, by the end, if the plan or training has been useful to the development of the employee.

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